CBT Seller Dashboard

If you are a Cross Border seller on eBay, you will need to adhere to eBay’s Global Seller Standards as well as CBT Seller Standards. This lesson will walk you through how to monitor your CBT Seller Standards performance by using the CBT Seller Dashboard.

The Cross Border Trade (CBT) Seller Dashboard is designed specifically for Southeast Asian sellers to help keep track of your selling performance.The dashboard shows you detailed analyses of your shipping performance, unsatisfactory transactions, and seller standards across top eBay markets.

Key features:

  • View all your service metrics and selling information in a single place.
  • Download detailed transaction reports to easily identify your issues and improve your service.
  • Retrace your selling performance for up to 12 months and measure your performance across top international markets.

Here you can monitor your performance related to the SEA Service Metrics. Keep a close eye on your current status and the actions you may need to take to make improvements.

Monitoring your CBT Seller Standards

Selling Limits are the maximum number of items you can list at once, or the total dollar value of items you can sell before hitting a threshold (aka limit) and are not able to list more items.

If your selling performance and sales metrics are strong, you may be able to have your limits increased. 

How to apply for Fast Track Selling Limit Vetting Tool:

  1. Go the the CBT Seller Dashboard Homepage
  2. Click on “Fast Track Selling Limit Vetting Tool” at the bottom of the page.
  3. Complete a questionnaire

Once approved, you can check your new selling limit on the Seller Hub.

Increasing your selling limits

As a seller on the eBay platform, you must also adhere to the global standards. These are applicable to every eBay seller, all around the world. You can view your overall Global Seller Standards performance on the Seller Hub.

Read and familiarise yourself with these standards here.

Global Seller Standards

SEA Service Metrics

The SEA Service Metrics is a policy for CBT sellers in South East Asia (SEA). These metrics ensure you create accurate listings, ship securely and on-time. Your performance will be assessed weekly and you should strive to ensure you are consistently performing well.

Visit the CBT Seller Dashboard to keep track of your selling performance.

Unsatisfactory Item Rate

Starting from August 25th 2019, sellers will be evaluated on the number of transactions with item-related issues. Sellers who do not comply or consistently fall short of expectations may have their selling limits reduced or account(s) restricted.

Read the full policy here.

Unsatisfactory Delivery Rate

Starting from August 25th 2019, sellers will be evaluated on the number of transactions with delivery-related issues. Sellers who do not comply or consistently fall short of expectations may have their selling limits reduced or account(s) restricted.

Read the full policy here.

There are 4 assessment statuses on the CBT Seller Dashboard:

Status Description
Compliant All your transactions meet the policy requirements.
Non-compliant Your transactions didn’t meet the minimum policy requirement. This status won’t escalate to “Action Taken” if your account is already under action for violating another eBay policy or the total number of your transaction(s) is below threshold.
Warning Your account is flagged for non-compliance for the first time. This means action isn’t already being taken against your account and you’ve passed the transaction threshold
Action Taken Your account has passed the warning stage and is being flagged for non-compliance. As stated, action is being taken on your account.

Note: If there are no transactions that require evaluation, the dashboard will show “-” (dash).

Wednesday: The dashboard data is refreshed every Wednesday. Be vigilant and check your dashboard every week to avoid falling into non-compliant status.

Thursday: If you believe that eBay’s evaluation was applied incorrectly, submit your appeal (including supporting evidence) to eBay Customer Support before Thursday 2pm SGT.

Friday: On Friday, action is taken on all non-compliant accounts. Be proactive and take steps to improve your performance!


How to appeal

If you have evidence that eBay’s evaluation was applied incorrectly, contact local Customer Support to submit an appeal. In order to be eligible for an appeal, you’re required to provide evidence to support the claim.

Sales and Marketing Events

As a managed seller on eBay, you are entitled to additional resources to help boost your online business.

From time to time, eBay will invite sellers to participate in ongoing marketing campaigns. These campaigns may vary according to selling category, selling location and other criteria. If you are eligible, the active campaigns offered to you will be displayed in your CBT Seller Dashboard > Sales and Marketing Events tab.

Sales and Marketing Events


In order to join, just click on the campaign you would like to participate in and select your item of choice. eBay will then adjust the price of the item accordingly during the promotion period. Once the period is over, we will revert the price back to the original.

Example of active campaigns

Once the campaign is over, eBay will make the necessary calculations, and the rewards that you have accumulated over the campaign period will be reflected. Incentives awarded will vary according to eBay’s terms and conditions.

Claim Reward

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