Dealing with Negative Feedback

Positive feedback may not impact your seller performance, but it’s a great boost to your self esteem. Unfortunately, no matter how great your service is, there may be times when you could receive negative feedback on an item you have sold. Read on to see the best ways to deal with this.

You can view all the feedback you’ve left or received in your feedback profile. From there you can also follow up and respond to feedback. You can find it here: MyeBay > Account > Feedback

Method 1: Reply to your buyer

You can reply to your buyer from your feedback profile. Once you reply, your comment will appear directly below the buyer’s feedback comment. 

Method 2: Contact eBay Customer Service

If you have tried reaching out to the buyer and received no response, you can get in touch with us. Let us know why you feel the negative/neutral feedback received needs revision (e.g. Buyer complains item was delivered late even though it arrived within the estimated timeframe or buyer feels your item is overpriced yet still made the purchase from you

We will review the request and remove the feedback if applicable. Find us here:

  1. Go to to your local country site ( if you are in Malaysia)
  2. Click on Help & Contact located at the top of the page


Method 3: Send a feedback revision

You can only request a revision for feedback that is less than 30 days old. You can make 5 feedback revision requests per calendar year.

Take note: For every 1,000 feedback ratings you receive during the year, you can make 5 additional feedback revision requests. However, these additional feedback revision requests don’t carry over into the following year.

After you send a feedback revision request, the buyer will receive an email with all the details.

The buyer then has 10 days to either:

Revise the feedback: If the buyer accepts the request, we’ll guide them through the process of changing their rating and comment. When they revise feedback, their original comments will no longer be visible on eBay.

Decline the request: If the buyer declines the request, they can choose whether to share their reasoning with you.

A reminder will be sent if there is no action after 7 days. If the buyer still hasn’t responded after 10 days, the revision request will expire.

Even though we encourage feedback to build a healthy relationship, eBay has guidelines in place to avoid potential misuse.

Feedback extortion

Buyers aren’t allowed to use threats of negative feedback or low detailed seller ratings to get something that wasn’t part of the original listings, and sellers can’t demand positive feedback from buyers.

Feedback manipulation

Feedback cannot be exchanged for the purpose of increasing feedback scores, gaining eBay privileges or enhancing your reputation. 

Sellers aren’t allowed to include terms and conditions in a listing that don’t allow a buyer from leaving feedback.

Feedback misuse

Any misuse of feedback isn’t allowed. Feedback comments should match the positive or negative rating that was given in both buyer and seller feedback. For example, a negative comment should not be left with a positive rating.

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