Top eBay sites for cross border sellers

These are the top 8 eBay sites that are mainly visited by the locals of that country. However, is popular for international buyers.

  • (United States)
  • (United Kingdom)
  • (Germany)
  • (Australia)
  • (Canada)
  • (France)
  • (Italy)
  • (Spain)

Different eBay sites have their own individual site policies, rules and regulations. It’ll be in your best interest to study what these are, so you can stay compliant. Start studying and keep yourself updated by visiting the respective eBay Seller Centres:

eBay USA 

eBay UK 

eBay AU 

eBay DE

Buyer location vs where you sell


Each eBay site has a different target market. Primarily, you want to target the country that eBay site belongs to. For example, if you want to focus on the Australian market, you will want to list on This is the right strategy, because the majority of Australians shop on

Different eBay sites may allow you to ship internationally. For example, selling in (US site), you can set your shipping policy to ship outside the US.

Do note that buyers generally prefer to shop in their local eBay site first. When they are unable to find an item on their local site, they may try to look for it on other eBay sites. We may also redirect them to listings on alternative eBay sites.

You can use one seller account to sell in multiple sites at the same time. However, you can only can have one active store subscription on one site.

To have a store subscription on more than one site, you will need to have another eBay account.

The largest and most vibrant eBay site is Each site has good focus on their local market, as does with the US market.

However, compared to other sites, is more frequently visited by various buyers around the world due to a large selection of inventory. Some of our sellers can get over 65% non US sales for listings that are listed in the US site. Understanding the demand is important for you to know which site to sell on.

If you just starting to sell on eBay and do not have a lot of experience, we suggest starting with as here you can create shipping policies that cover international locations. This will help increase your product reach and allow your items to be found by many countries.

With your eBay account, you can list on any eBay site.

Just go to that site with your eBay account login and list your items there.

You will also need to create a business policy for that site.

Cost Differences

Not all eBay sites have the same charges.

Selling on will cover US buyers and site visitors from around the world.

You can also sell on other eBay sites to target buyers in those countries.

Keep in mind that you are subjected to the fees of that particular eBay site. It is important that sellers understand each site’s unique structure. Below we will explain the fee differences if you are considering expanding the corridor.

Like on, you will always need to check each site’s final value fee for different listing categories. sellers are entitled to free insertion fees. But this does not apply to every site.

Check the final value fee on your eBay site of interest to know the exact percentage.

Each site packages store subscriptions with different names, features and pricings. Refer to the specific eBay site store packages to know more.

If you are familiar with the US site, you know that without subscribing to a store, you can still list without paying an insertion fee. This is free for a certain number of listings. However some sites might not offer the same perk.

Country Individual – Non Store Business – Non Store
Number of free insertions Insertion fee after used quota Number of free insertion Insertion fee after used quota
US 250 USD 0.35 Same as individual Same as individual
UK 1000 GBP 0.35 0 GBP 0.30
DE 320 EUR 0.50 0 EUR 0.35
AU Free* AUD 1.50 Same as individual Same as individual
FR 150 EUR 0.35 EUR 0.30
IT 150 EUR 0.35 EUR 0.30
ES 50 EUR 0.35 EUR 0.30
CA 200 CAD 0.30 Same as individual Same as individual

*Please check individual site’s fee page as the price may change from what shown in the table above.

EU law requires businesses selling online to comply with a number of rules. One of the rules is that if you are a business you must clearly state that fact to your customers.

As most of our sellers are likely to list more than 10 items, it is best to start selling with a business account if you are planning to sell in any eBay EU site.


Q1 : Which site segregates the benefits between individual or business accounts?

A1 : EU sites including UK, DE, FR, IT, ES. They offer some free insertion fee allocations for individual/private sellers. For US, AU, CA, there is no difference. This is because EU law requires that if you are a business seller, it must be clearly stated by having a business account.


Q2 : Which sites have free insertion fee allocations?

A2 : US, AU, CA with a certain number allocated. For EU sites like UK, DE, FRITES, free insertions are only given to individual/private sellers.


Q3: Do free insertions require a seller to be based locally? 

A3: No. For example: used to give free insertions only to AU based sellers. But now non AU based sellers are also entitled for  free insertion allocation.

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