Basic eBay settings

Here are a few things you will need to know before you start selling.

As a business seller, chances are that you will be able to replenish an item if it runs out of stock.

With the ‘Enable multi-quantity listings’ option turned on, your listing will remain active. Buyers will not be able to see or buy this out of stock item until you update the quantity. This will retain the selling history number as well.

Go to Account Setting > Selling preferences and look for Multi-quantity listings.

Enable it and you are done!

Enhance your buyer’s shopping experience by making your page more appealing and identifiable.

Add an attractive logo and banner as well as a little description about your business to help them understand your page better.

If you subscribe to the eBay store, you have more options to customise your store front.

The business policy houses the 3 main policies (payment, return and shipping) you will need before you start listing. You will just need to set them up once and then easily apply to your listing. This makes the listing process much faster.

    1. Payment policy – using eBay managed payment to receive your payments (you can set to require immediate payment)
    2. Return policy – if you want to allow returns (for reasons of remorse or change of mind) and who pays for this return.
    3. Shipping policy – where you can ship to, how much to charge for shipping fee or free shipping, differentiate shipping fee based on buyers location and more. Please refer to full guide on how to set this.

If you need to take a break from eBay and won’t be able to process your sales as normal, you can schedule some time away.

You can manage your time away in your Time Away settings. Along with scheduling how long you’ll be away for, you can choose if you want to pause your sales or allow them to continue. You can also set an automatic response for buyers who contact you through eBay Messages while you’re away.

Go to Account Settings > Selling – Time Away

While you’re on time away, you still need to uphold commitments to your buyers, such as fulfilling orders sold before your time away start date and responding to any open buyer requests related to items sold before your time away start date. eBay fees (such as listing-related fees or any subscription fees you have) will also continue to apply during your time away.

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