eBay Multi User Account Access

Managing a successful online business can take up a lot of your time. Keeping this in mind, eBay introduced Multi User Account Access (MUAA) which allows you to grant permission to others to perform basic listing functions with your account. But don’t worry! Your account is safeguarded because you do not need to share your credentials and other private information.

How does multi-user account access work?

The account owner sets permissions and invites the authorised user to perform certain actions on their behalf. Once the invitation is accepted, the user can proceed to perform those functions.

Authorised users must perform these functions using their own eBay accounts with their own passwords. As an additional safety measure, invited accounts will be required to enable 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) to access your account.

Both account owner and authorised users can manage their Multi-User Account Access invitations and permissions on the Account Settings page.

What are the benefits of multi-user account access?

  • Improve productivity by delegating specific workflows.
  • Gain additional support to ease your busy workload.
  • Authorise users to contact customer support on your behalf.

Types of permissions that can be granted:

  • Create and edit listing drafts
  • Publish and revise listings
  • Research products using Terapeak
  • View orders
  • Download order report
  • Add shipping tracking number
  • Print shipping labels

TIP: You must be opted-in to the Seller Hub. You can opt in here.

  1. Go to My eBay > Summary > Account, and click Permissions under Account Preferences.
  2. Select Add user.
  3. Enter the authorised user’s name & email address and choose the type of permission you are granting.
  4. Click Add user.

The authorised user will receive an email invitation. Once they accept it and sign in, they will have access to your Listings tab in the Seller Hub to perform the functions granted to them.

Note: They will not have access to any other parts of the account owner’s Seller Hub content. Your password and any other personal details associated with your account are secure and won’t be shared with the accounts you invite through MUAA.

You can manage your MUAA invitations & permissions in your Account Permissions page.

You will have the option to:

  • View a list of all accounts you’ve sent invitations to. (Invitations that haven’t been accepted will show as pending and will expire after 24 hours).
  • Revoke an invitation if you’ve accidentally invited the wrong person.
  • Change or remove permission from an account.

You can also view detailed activity logs on any actions taken on your behalf including dates, times and which account completed the task here:

My eBay > Account > Account Preferences > Permissions > Activity Log

Authorised users with access will see a blue banner across the top of the page in Seller Hub, letting them know which account they’re acting on behalf of.

If they need to switch to another account, they can select Switch account in the banner.

This can also be done in My eBay.

  1. Go to the Account Permissions page in My eBay and select Account access.
  2. Select the I’d like to dropdown next to the account you’d like to use.
  3. Select Go to Seller Hub.

Q1: Who can be an authorised user?

A1: New or existing users with a US eBay account can be authorised users. After you accept an invitation as an authorised user, you cannot authorise access with the same account.

Q2: How many authorised users can an account owner invite?

A2: There is no limit to the number of authorised users that can perform tasks on your behalf. However, we recommend no more than 10 to avoid any confusion.

Q3: What if the person I want to invite to act on my behalf does not have an eBay account?

A3: If the email address you invite does not have an eBay account, that person will be taken through the registration process first. If the email address you invite already has an eBay account, they will be taken directly to the eBay sign-in page.

Q4: Can an authorised user contact eBay customer support?

A4: If you contact customer support, please let the representative know that you are using the Multi-User Account Access feature, and which account you were acting on behalf of.

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