eBay Seller Hub overview

Seller Hub is the central place for managing your eBay business. It’s free to use and consolidates all our selling tools into one location. It also gives you useful data and recommendations to help you grow your eBay sales.

  1. Log into the eBay site that you are selling in
  2. Go to My eBay > Selling

Alternatively you can go directly to the URL : https://www.ebay.com/sh/ (US site)

eBay Seller Hub


This page gives you a glimpse of everything you are selling on eBay. You can arrange the boxes according to your preference.

Seller Hub – Overview

This page is about managing your orders. You will find orders to process here.

Here you can manage your listings. You can quickly see your inventory value and stock availability.

Pro tip : In the Quick filter, you can send offers to potential buyers that show interest in your product. Go ahead and offer them a discount to entice them to make that purchase.

Use our tools to build your brand, attract more buyers, and sell more per visit. (Some tools are only available to Store subscribers.)

Access your store features. This requires a Store subscription.

Understand your business performance through detailed information on sales, selling costs as a percentage of sales, traffic, buyer traffic source, and more. Select the data on the page to analyse in-depth charts and graphs.

The Payments tab in Seller Hub helps you keep track of all the payouts you receive from your eBay transactions.

Get advice for improving your listings, sourcing, pricing, and restocking.

Pro tip : Use Terapeak to find the top listings within your category to compare and know your competitor better. This will help you better position your products and stay competitive.

Optimise your business with file based (CSV/XLSX ) reports & templates. Get detailed information about your business, and upload new information in bulk.

Be an eBay Global 24/7 Seller