Essential Topics

This tutorial lists the essential topics a seller should know when starting their selling journey. It is important to master the basics first before moving on to more advanced topics.


First things first, you will need to create your seller account. Here’s how.

Before listing an item, you must understand your selling costs. This will help you determine your selling price.

Educate yourself on the fees involved.

Now, get to know the eBay Seller Hub. Here is where you can create listings, manage your orders, see your sales history, check your traffic and more.

As a Business seller, you may want to enable multi-quantity listings.

Setting your price competitively is important in making your first sale.

Terapeak makes it easier for you to check other listings in its list view for easy comparison. This information will help you price and position your product better.

Terapeak can be found in your Seller Hub.

Refer here for more information on how to do a competitive price check.

Clear understanding on Cross Border Shipping plays an important role in becoming a successful Cross Border Seller.

More on that here.

There are 3 eBay business policies that you need to set before you start listing.

  1. First, you will need to opt in to start using a business policy. You can find this in your Seller Hub > Listing page.
  2. Payment and Return policies are simple to set up. Create those first.
  3. Next, set up your shipping policy by following the steps in this tutorial.

Once these 3 policies have been set up, you can easily choose them from the drop down menu when you create your product listing.

An optimised listing is key in making your product searchable by buyers.

Click here to learn how to create a good listing.

Keep adding more listings to increase your visibility and boost your chances in making your first sale.

We recommend that new sellers use Promoted Listings to increase visibility. Learn how here.

While you are busy creating more listings, don’t forget to check in and monitor how your existing listing is performing. Click here to understand how eBay traffic works.

Congratulations! Your first listing is live! You are now an official eBay seller.

But, your selling story doesn’t end here.

Even seasoned eBay sellers continue to learn something new in every stage of their journey.

Continue learning by visiting other tutorial topics that are available on this site.

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