How do I set up a shipping rate table?

The postage rate tables allow you to assign postage rates to domestic and international locations.

When you set up a postage rate table, buyers will see the postage cost you specify for their delivery address.

There are 3 ways you can specify postage costs in your postage tables:

  • By item
  • By weight
  • By surcharge

To set up postage rate tables:

  1. Go to My eBay and select the Account tab.
  2. Select Site Preferences and then Postage preferences.
  3. Select Edit next to Use postage rate tables.
  4. Select Item, Weight or Surcharge from the menu.
  5. Select your regions/countries and enter your postage rates and then Apply.

You can create up to 40 postage rate tables.

Note: Postage rate tables only work with listings that use flat-rate postage. You cannot use postage rate tables with calculated postage or freight.

To add a postage rate table when creating your listing simply scroll down to Delivery Details and tick the box beside Use my rate tables.

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