FAQ: How to increase your selling limit

Selling Limits are the maximum number of items you can list at once, or the total dollar value of items you can sell before hitting a threshold (aka limit) and are not able to list more items.

If your selling performance and sales metrics are strong, you may be able to have your limits increased. 

How to apply for Fast Track Selling Limit Vetting Tool:

Step 1: Go the the CBT Seller Dashboard Homepage.

Step 2: Click on “Fast Track Selling Limit Vetting Tool” at the bottom of the page.


Fast Track Selling Limit Vetting Tool


Step 3: Complete a questionnaire. Here you will see the criteria required in order to be eligible for the limit increase such as:

Days to first time selling >=45 days

Seller standard Above standard or Top Rated

Current limit utilisation >=40%

Once approved, you can check your new selling limit on the Seller Hub.

Read more here.

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