When can a dispute be filed?

No matter how careful you are, issues can arise when selling online. eBay offers both buyers and sellers a platform to voice their concerns in the Resolution Centre. Learn more about it here.

TIP: The best practice is to use the Resolution Centre as a last resort. Try working things out yourselves first before asking eBay to step in. This will help maintain your Seller Performance Standards.

  1. Buyer did not receive their item due to:
  • The Estimated Delivery Date (EDD) is over
  • The item has gone Missing in Action (MIA)
  • Unrealistic handling times

TIP: Use a reputable logistics partner that provides tracking information and set a handling time you can fulfill (we recommend  no more than 3 days).

  1. Buyer received their item but it is not as described. Such as:
  • Damaged
  • Missing parts
  • Different 
  • An empty box  

TIP:  Be detailed in your listing with clear photos, item descriptions & specifics. Always sell genuine products and be extra meticulous when packing. Make sure all parts are included and securely protected.

  1. Seller has not received payment for the transaction because the buyer either:
  • Has forgotten to pay
  • Does not know how to pay
  • No longer wishes to complete the sale

TIP: Reach out to your buyer first to find out if they need help making the payment or send an invoice right away as a gentle reminder that payment is due.

  1. Seller needs to cancel the transaction because either:
  • Item is Out-Of-Stock (OOS)
  • Seller no longer wishes to complete the sale

TIP: Always make sure your inventory is up to date or use the ‘Out-of-Stock option to keep your listing live.

Receiving positive feedback reflects well on your business. However, you may occasionally receive negative or unjust feedback from your buyer. There are steps you can take to try to rectify this:

  • Reply to your buyer

You can reply to your buyer from your feedback profile. Once you reply, your comment will appear directly below the buyer’s feedback comment.

  • Send a feedback revision request to your buyer

You can only request a revision for feedback that is less than 30 days old. You can make 5 feedback revision requests per calendar year.

  • Contact eBay Customer Service

You can get in touch with us if the buyer does not respond. You can also let us know if you feel the negative/neutral feedback received is not justified (e.g. Buyer complains item was delivered late even though it arrived within the estimated timeframe) Here is how you can find us:

a. Go to to your local country site (ebay.com.my if you are in Malaysia)
b. Click on Help & Contact located at the top of the page

After you send the feedback revision request, the buyer has 10 days to either: Revise the feedback or Decline the request.

If there is no action after 7 days, we’ll send a reminder. If the buyer still hasn’t responded after 10 days, the revision request will expire. In some cases, we may remove or adjust feedback.

Remember, feedback reflects how a buyer feels about your product. To avoid negative feedback and set buyers expectations, make sure your listing has clear descriptions.

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