Where to purchase a return shipping label?

You are responsible to cover the return shipping costs for damaged or faulty goods. If you offer free returns and the buyer changes their mind, you will need to pay. There are several return options provided in the return request form. To get to the return request form, go to your Returns dashboard and select View Return Details.

If the size requirements of the package are met, you can purchase a return shipping label through the return request. eBay will automatically choose the cheapest available option.

Take note that this is only possible if your return address is in the same country as your buyer’s.

The cost of the label will be charged to your account once it’s scanned by the carrier.

Here’s how to send an eBay shipping label from the View Return Details section:

  1. Select Send an eBay shipping label.
  2. Confirm your return address on the label.

An eBay return shipping label won’t be available if the expected shipping charges exceed the expected refund or the refund value of a replacement or exchange.

If an eBay label is unavailable or if you would prefer using your own carrier, you can provide your own return label. You can request an international return label from your local logistics provider.

Here’s how to send your own label from the View Return Details section:

  1. Select Upload a shipping label and then the upload image icon.
  2. Choose the label you want to send to your buyer.
  3. Select your carrier and enter the tracking number.

For items that have a total cost of $750 or more, signature confirmation is required.

You may try requesting your buyer to purchase a return label on your behalf.

If they agree, you will need to:

  1. Send funds to cover the cost using their preferred method.(eg. PayPal)
  2. Ask the buyer to upload tracking to the return request so you can see that the item is on its way.

Ensure the buyer uses a tracked service and includes signature confirmation for items with a total cost of $750 or more.

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