Why are my payouts subjected to a hold?

Here are the common types of holds we may place on payouts due to account verification issues:

  • Registration holds: We may place a hold on payouts if we identify a discrepancy with the information you provided at registration.  We will notify you of the hold and request additional information from you by email.
  • Compliance holds: eBay compliance policies are designed to to protect buyers and sellers and comply with anti-money laundering laws. If your account has a payout hold for compliance reasons, we may notify you by email and request more information about the transaction.
  • Performance holds: We may hold your payouts if we identify unusual activity associated with your account, such as increased customer claims, a sudden change in your selling activity, late deliveries, or negative buyer feedback.
  • Transaction holds: Occur when a hold is placed on a specific buyer transaction. Common reasons for transactions to be placed on hold include an insufficient selling history, the occurrence of unusual selling patterns, or if the transaction involves high priced items.
  • Payment dispute or eBay Money Back Guarantee holds: Occur when a hold is placed on funds due to an issue  reported by a buyer. For example, if an item is significantly not as described in the listing description, or is not delivered.

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