eBay Returns

For remorse returns or a return with the reason of “change of mind, or item does not suits me”, it is up to the seller to or not to accept. However, if the seller has the setting of “accept return” on their return policy, remorse return requests will automatically be accepted.

For returns due to item not as described, damaged, or other reasons that a buyer is not satisfied with the product, this will fall under the eBay Money Back Guarantee.

Read eBay Money Back Guarantee

Due to this, sellers will have to make it right with their buyer quickly or within the seller make it right time frame stated in the return request. This involves:

  • Provide a tracking label for return and refund
  • Renegotiate with buyer. Such as offering a partial refund
  • Check if the buyer has misunderstood their unsatisfied evaluation and is able to cancel the return

If this is a remorse return, you must follow the terms you have set on your return policy:

  • If buyer pays for return – wait for the return to arrive, then refund.
  • If seller pays for return (free return) – seller must provide a return label.

For not as described/damaged returns, sellers need to provide a return label for the buyer to ship back the item.

Keep in mind that a return label will need to be provided within the period stated in the return request.

It is important to respond within the deadline or the dispute will not be found in your favour and the transaction will be refunded. You will also be left with a defect.

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