Create an eBay Seller Account

In this article, we will guide you on how to create a business account which will involve creating a business seller account and a Payoneer company account. This is required for managed sellers.

However if you are an individual seller, you can choose to create an individual seller and Payoneer account.

For a business account, you will need a business registration and a company bank account. A soft-copy of these documents will later be requested by Payoneer:

  1. Business registration form
  2. Business proof of address (Bank statement, or utility bill with your business name)
  3. Representative ID
  1. Go to your local eBay site ( if you are in Malaysia), navigate to the top left of the page and click on Sign In and create an account.
  2. Choose Business account and fill up your details. Here are some details you will need to enter:
    • Business name : Registered company name
    • Business email : This email will be used for account login other than your eBay ID
    • Password
    • Business Location : Where your business is registered
Input your details


3. Verify your email

Email verification 


4. You can choose your own eBay username which will be your public identity on eBay. You have now successfully created your eBay account. You can login to your account using your email or eBay username / ID.

Choose your eBay username / ID



  1. You will need to provide the information below. In a few days, you will be requested to submit proof of this information. It is recommended that you have these documents in hand.
    • Registered company documents (such as SSM and ACRA)
    • Business bank account
    • Representative national ID
  2.  You will be greeted with page below:
Selling account setup page



Click Get started.

*if you are not seeing this selling account setup page, Go to :

  1. Verify your phone number.
Add phone number and receive SMS code




2. If you have a company Payoneer account you can use it without creating a new one. If you have an existing individual Payoneer account, you will need to create a new company account.

Create new Payoneer or use existing company Payoneer account


3. Choose to create company account.

Payoneer registration page


4. Add your legal company name as per the business registration form and choose the correct legal entity. For example: SSM Enterprise : Sole Proprietorship.

Choose according to your business type


5. Add company address (that you are able to provide proof via bank statement or utility bill) and authorised representative details.


6. Create account login details and authorised representative ID, and company ID.

Fill in the details


7. Add company bank account details.

Fill in the details


Once you are done with the Payoneer registration page, you will need to review your information and click continue.

Review and continue



You will now need to add a credit or debit card on file to pay for fees/outstanding amounts owed to eBay/process refunds in case your payment account does not have sufficient funds.

Please note that card details are confidential. No employee from eBay or its authorised service provider will ever ask for these details. Do not disclose your card details to anyone for security purposes.

Add credit/debit card details
  1. Click on the “Submit request” button to proceed.

    Submit request
  2. Upon successful submission, you will see the message stating “Your registration information has been submitted”.

    Registration complete, next to submit documents

Submitting documents to Payoneer

  1. Once you have completed the registration process, Payoneer will send you an email to request for document submission.

    Email from Payoneer to submit documents


2. By clicking on that link, you will be directed to the Payoneer website.

3. Login to your Payoneer account and upload the documents requested.

Upgrade your eBay account to managed seller

Once your eBay account is ready and verified by Payoneer, you can send a request to increase your selling limit. This allows you to list more items on your eBay account. The default limit is 10 quantity and USD500 which is insufficient for most business sellers.

Send an email to with your eBay ID and we will get in touch.

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