eBay Promoted Listings

Promoted Listings help your items stand out amongst billions of listings on the eBay network. They are also seen by millions of active buyers who are browsing and searching for what you are selling. This greatly helps increase the likelihood of a sale.

There are two types of promoted listings:

Promoted listing standard (Pay as you sold basis)

Promoted listing advanced (Pay per click basis)

PLS allows your listing to have more visibility over what you can achieve organically. It is important to first make sure your listing is well optimised based on eBay’s best practices in order to be found. PLS works by having your listing appear in more dominant spots on search results which is marked by a sponsored logo.

Sponsored listing

Sellers set the preferred ad rate by percentage based on what eBay recommends. The higher the rate, the more aggressive the ad is displayed to buyers. Sellers pay the percentage of the PLA fee only if the item is sold.

On your listing page (Seller Hub > Listings) , go to the promoted listings column to promote it. You can also use the bulk edit function.


Add PLS via your listing page

Sellers can monitor impression, view and sold factors for PLA listings (Seller Hub > Performance > Traffic)

Page views
Quantity sold


By reviewing these performance graphs, you will have a more precise understanding on how PLS helps you get more sales, do cost to revenue ratio and also guide you on setting a better ad rate.

Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA is a cost-per-click campaign type that provides the high visibility you want and the control you need to drive sales on eBay. You can use Advanced campaigns to drive traffic to your listings with preferred access to the top spots in search results with keyword and budget controls.

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