Marketplace vs webstore

Ecommerce is a key platform for sellers who are looking to expand their business online and internationally. Sellers have two ways to start their global selling journey:

  1. eBay Marketplace
  2. International Webstores

Here we will discuss why eBay is suitable for you.

International Webstore eBay
Cost High – Setting up the webstore can be affordable, however getting your product to appear in search results can be expensive. Businesses need to invest in search engine optimisation in order to make your product visible. Low – eBay lets sellers list products for free and only charge after the item is sold. No SEO needed as buyers can find your product within the eBay catalog of listings. eBay listings can also appear on Google searches if it is relevant to the buyer’s search.
Visibility Dependent on the SEO you are using. High – as eBay has over 180 million active buyers that are looking to buy. You can monitor listing visibility on the eBay Seller Hub.
Learning curve High – You need to create your webstore from ground up and hire vendors to manage the SEO for you. Medium – Once you have planned your logistics and know where to sell, you can start listing. In just a few minutes your item is ready to be seen by buyers.
Customisability High – you can design your webstore however you wish. Medium – since eBay is a marketplace, not everything can be customised. However, with an eBay store front, you can personalise the look of your store.
Tools and support Low – Setting up a webstore means that you are on your own. High – There are best practices that we already know works on eBay. With the support of seller programs, you will be able to follow the path to your success.

As you can see from the comparison, selling cross border with eBay is a much easier starting point. The infrastructure and buyer pool is already in place for you to showcase your products. However, this does not guarantee sales simply by listing an item. Keep in mind that competition is fierce.

You will need to plan your strategy to separate yourself from your competitors. You may not start as number one. But with the right mindset, you can work your way up.

Selling on other marketplaces will require you to have expertise or the funds to develop a Webstore platform from scratch. This will give you the freedom to customize your website experience and is useful for sellers who want to ensure brand impact.

Sellers who utilise both platforms (or known as multichannel) experience the best of both worlds.

But for a brand new entrepreneur, eBay is a more user friendly and affordable platform for you to begin your journey as a cross border seller.

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