Sending invoices to buyers

Like any other business or service, eBay provides you with the option to send an invoice to your buyer.

There are a few situations that require you to send an invoice:

  • The buyer is purchasing several items from you, and you want to combine them into a single purchase.
  • You need to change some of the transaction details, such as shipping charges or payment method.
  • The buyer hasn’t paid and you want to send them a reminder.

TIP: You can’t send an invoice if it’s been more than 30 days since the listing ended.

You can send or revise an invoice from the Seller Hub.

  1. In Seller Hub, select Orders.
  2. From Actions, select Send invoice.
  3. Make any necessary changes (shipping, payment, etc.).
  4. Select Send invoice.

You will not be able to send an invoice if the buyer has already completed the checkout process.

What can you send instead as proof of purchase?

You can send a Packing slip or an Order receipt found in Seller Hub > Order.


STEP 1: Under Actions, go to the relevant item and click the drop down.

Drop down options under action


STEP 2: Choose Print packing slip and more.

Print packing slip and more


STEP 3: You can choose to send either a Packing slip or Order receipt or even both.

Packing slip or Order receipt

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