Understanding eBay feedback

Feedback from customers is a great way to understand what you need to do to improve how you run your eBay business. Keep in mind, the method of how your products and services are rated on eBay could be different from other online marketplaces.

Feedback profile Overview


Feedback ratings & Comments

Buyers can leave a positive, negative, or a neutral rating and also write a comment about their experience shopping with you.

Detailed seller ratings

This shows a more detailed view of a seller’s performance.

Star rating

The number in brackets next to your username shows how many buyers have left feedback for you.

Stars of different colours represent different numbers of ratings.

Star ratings

After each transaction, buyers can leave a positive, negative, or a neutral rating, plus a short comment to rate their experience with the seller.

+1 point for each positive rating

No points for each neutral rating

-1 point for each negative rating

eBay will use these ratings to determine feedback scores. Buyers can view your seller’s feedback score on your listings beneath your username. It’s displayed as a percentage with 100% being the highest score. 

So if you have a score of 99.5%, it means that 99.5% of the buyers who left their feedback had a positive experience dealing with you.

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Feedback ratings

For additional insight into a seller’s performance, buyers can also view your detailed seller ratings. This is a breakdown of how you’ve been rated by your buyers in the following areas:

Item description: How accurately was the item described?

Communication: Did you communicate well with your buyer?

Shipping time: How quickly did you send the item?

Shipping and handling charges: Were the costs reasonable?

You can view your detailed seller ratings on your feedback profile page. You’ll find stars next to the four different areas, with 1 star being the lowest rating and 5 stars being the highest.

Detailed seller ratings

If you want to sell on eBay, your feedback comment information must be visible to everyone.

If you choose to make your feedback comments private, you won’t be able to sell items on eBay and the feedback comments you’ve left and received will be hidden from other members. However, your overall number of positive, neutral, and negative feedback ratings will still be displayed.

Here’s how to change who can see your feedback comments:

  1. Go to your feedback profile
  2. Scroll down to the All received Feedback section and set the toggle to either Visible to everyone or Hide comments

Product reviews will be displayed on all eligible listings. They are written by buyers and are only about the item on sale. These reviews will be visible on all eBay sites, providing a reliable and consistent user experience for buyers.

Product reviews


Things to note:

  • Sellers that list the same product share the same reviews.
  • Sellers will not need to take any action as product reviews will automatically be included on all eligible items.
  • A review may not show on your item because either your item may not be eligible for review or a review may not yet have been provided by a buyer.
  • All users (buyers and sellers) may write product reviews.
  • If you would like a review removed, click on the report link in the review and choose the appropriate reason. eBay will review all requests and make a decision.

REMEMBER: These reviews do not affect your seller ratings as they are associated with products, not individual listings.

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