Understanding eBay's fees (ebay.com)

There are a few components of eBay’s fee structure. We will cover all the components to ensure sellers understand how to calculate the fees charged.

For more information on the eBay Shipping Policy.

Every eBay site such as ebay.com, ebay.co.uk or ebay.com.au will have different fees. In this article we will cover the fee structure for ebay.com.

Components of eBay’s fees


  • Insertion fee – If you are a non store subscriber, after your 250th listing, an insertion fee will be charged when you list an item and will be charged again every 30 days. It is USD0.35 per listing per month. Once you reach above 250 listings, we recommend that you to subscribe to an eBay store for better savings.
  • Final value fee – Once an item is sold, you will be charged $0.30 + % of Final value fee (FVF). FVF % is dependent on the listing category. FVF % is charged based on total selling price + shipping cost. Percentage shown on the diagram above is based on most categories.
  • International fee – This fee is applicable to international sellers. For SEA seller it is 1.3%.

Here is one example. Assuming that this is your first listing selling a hair dryer. After you have sold the item, eBay will charge as follows.

Example of calculating a fee

Q: If the buyer cancels the order, will the fee be reimbursed?

A: All fees will be reimbursed except the USD0.30 fixed fee.


Q: When will I need to subscribe to a store?

A: When you need to list more than 250 listings, paying insertion fees can quickly be expensive. This is where subscribing to a store will be more economical. Also, if you want to offer great product presentation via an eBay store front, you will need a subscription.

Tax on orders

As you sell items, you may realise that orders from some buyer locations will include tax. This is related to sales tax. You can learn more about it in this tutorial.

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