Understanding eBay Motors Fitment (PCL)

Buyers from all across the world are looking to buy compatible motor parts. To increase visibility and to ensure that the buyer receives the correct part, you will need to list your parts correctly and accurately. 

NOTE: Only applicable to Parts & Accessories sellers.

When you list your vehicle parts & accessories in eBay’s Parts and Accessories category, you must ensure that the Product Compatibility Listing is detailed and accurate.

This will help you:

  • Save time and money by listing all compatible vehicles for your part in one listing.
  • Gain more satisfied buyers by making it easier for your parts to be found – which means an increase in sales for you.
  • Use available tools for bulk updating your listings.

Step 1: Choose your category

Check your onsite inventory for eligibility. Parts compatibility is available on eBay Motors in most of the following categories:

  • Car & Truck Parts & Accessories
  • Vintage Car & Truck Parts & Accessories
  • Powersports Vehicle Parts & Accessories (Motorcycles, ATVs, etc.)
  • Vintage Motorcycle Parts

The following categories are currently excluded:

  • Car & Truck Parts – Decals, Emblems & License Frames (50444)
  • Vintage Car & Truck Parts – Decals, Emblems & Detailing (80736)
  • Automotive Tools & Supplies (34998)
  • Apparel & Merchandise (6747)
  • Car Electronics (38635)
  • Commercial Truck Parts (50466)

Step 2: Collect information

Compile all your product info such as brand names, part numbers and compatible vehicles.

Step 3: Edit or Create a New Listing

Edit an existing listing or create a new listing with parts compatibility. If available, use our catalogue to create a new list, or include compatible vehicles manually.

Edit or Create a New Listing


Step 4: Review Listing

Confirm your compatible vehicles in the compatibility section of your new listing and replace your previous listing with a parts compatibility listing. Your listing will show up when buyers search these terms.

Review Listing


Step 5: Finish Listing as Usual

From here, you can continue to finish your listing as normal.

It’s important to keep your listings simple and organised, so that your listings stand out to buyers.

Follow these best practices to most efficiently create your parts compatibility listings and to provide a great experience for buyers, which will help you drive sales. 

  • Use our catalogue to choose from over 11 million products when creating your listing. This method will automatically populate your listing with compatible vehicles and will update car year, make and model information when new vehicles are released. The eBay parts catalogue is currently available in Car & Truck, Motorcycle and Powersports Parts & Accessories categories.
  • If your product isn’t in the catalogue, you can add your own list of compatible vehicles. You can manually include your own list of up to 3,000 compatible models. Create one listing per product and add all compatible vehicles to that listing.
  • If the Manufacturer Part Number fits more than 3,000 vehicles, you can list multiples of the same item. Fitment will max out at 3,000 before moving to a new listing. A seller can have up to 5 listings in these situations. 
  • Use your 80 character title wisely by focusing on search elements like brand names, part numbers and product features. Including compatible vehicle information in your title will not increase your exposure in buyer searches.
  • Choose a listing tool that supports parts compatibility. Our eBay tools support compatibility and so do numerous third party providers. Check out the Seller Tools tab to find out which tools can help you get started!

Download the full guide here.

Identify your category, e.g. Discs, Rotors & Hardware:

(either by selecting from a suggested category)

Suggested category


(or by browsing through all available categories)

available categories


Review the parts shown in the eBay catalogue.

eBay catalogue


You will be shown your part details. Confirm that these are correct and click Select.

Part details


If you cannot find your replacement part in our Catalogue, or if you prefer to enter the details yourself, proceed to the Create Your Listing Page by clicking on the Continue with your listing link. On this page, you can use the Add Compatible Vehicles button to specify the vehicles compatible with your part to increase visibility to your listing.

Create Your Listing Page


To add compatible vehicles, first choose a Make, then one (or more) Models and Years to view a list of matching vehicles. Check the box(es) for all the vehicles that your part is compatible with. Repeat this process to add additional vehicles from other manufacturers. When you’re done, click the Save Changes button to return to the Create your Listing Page to complete the rest of your listing.

Add compatible vehicles



Download the full guide here.

Identify your category, e.g. Tires.

Identify your category


Review the tires or wheels shown in the eBay catalogue based on your keywords:

Review the tires


You will be shown additional tire/wheel details. Confirm that these are correct and click Select.

Additional tire/wheel details


If you cannot find your tire or wheel, or if you prefer to enter the information manually, you can enter the specifications in the Item Specifics section when you create your listing. Your listing will show the item specifics you included:

Item Specifics section

Q1: What is parts compatibility?

A1: Parts compatibility is a better way for sellers to list parts that fit a variety of vehicles. It’s also a great way for buyers to find parts that fit their vehicles. With new parts compatibility listings, you can create one listing describing a single part and add a complete list of compatible vehicles. This eliminates the need to list one part multiple times to ensure all compatible vehicles are found in search.

Q2: Why should I use parts compatibility listings?

A2: Using parts compatibility, you can include a detailed list of compatible vehicles for a single part right in one listing, reducing the number of listings you need to create. Compatibility information appears on the item page and is searchable. Your parts compatibility listings get a boost in Best Match search, and you can use your 80-character title for popular search elements like brand or part number to better market your listing.

Q3: Do I have to use parts compatibility in my listing?

A3: No, using parts compatibility will be optional at launch. However, listings that display compatible vehicle data created with the new feature will help get your relevant items in front of buyers via search and helps to avoid using multiple listings for the same item, a violation of eBay’s Duplicate Listing Policy.

Q4: What if I don’t know or want to provide all the information about a compatible vehicle?

A4: Even if you do not enter all the details (e.g., you provide year, make, model but not trim or engine), the list of compatible vehicles will still include compatible vehicles with the details you provide.

Example: A seller has a headlight that fits all 2002 Dodge Durango trucks. The seller chooses Year: 2002, Make: Dodge, and Model: Durango. The system recognizes that this 2002 Dodge Durango has multiple trims and engines. The system presents all compatible 2002 Dodge Durango trucks, with all trim and engine options, for inclusion in the vehicle compatibility list. Please note the system will return only information on vehicles using the details you provided (in this case 2002, Dodge, Durango).

Q5: Should I repeat the compatibility information in my title or description?

A5: There is no need to repeat compatibility information in your listing title. Instead, use your title for popular search elements like brand, part type, MPN part number, equivalent OEM part number, part name, material, and any other part numbers (e.g., Platinum number).

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