Understanding eBay Traffic

Your listing traffic


Once you have an active listing on eBay, you can start to monitor the listing performance. With good understanding of your listing traffic, you can develop an action plan to tweak your strategy. Keep in mind that basic listing optimisation practices need to be implemented first in order to get better representation of traffic information.

Making a sale on eBay is basically like guiding a buyer down a funnel; from the first search to checkout. In this topic we will cover the last three aspects of this funnel.

Sales funnel

Impression is when the listing appears as results when a buyer performs a search. High searches can mean that the product that you are selling is popular. This will result in high impression counts.

How to get more impression :

  • Listing needs to be fully optimised. The title needs to match what the buyer is searching for. Don’t forget item specifics because buyers can opt to filter their search. When your item specifics are not clear, your item will not appear in the filtered search.

Page views are more straightforward. It is the amount of clicks or views of your listing. It is one step closer to a purchase.

How to get more views:

  • Once a buyer performs a search with filtered down item specifics, your listing will be shown in the result. This is usually  when the most prominent listing will be clicked and viewed. Ensure that your main photo is the most outstanding and the listing title is precise and clear.

You can use this information to reflect past sales history and observe your top selling items sold in the past.

How to get more sales:

  • Now that the buyer has made it to your listing, it is just a matter of sealing the deal. Make sure you provide high quality photos of the product for the buyer to look through, have a solid item description that is easy to understand and of course a price that is competitive enough to convince the buyer to make that purchase.

With these insights in hand, you will know what action is needed to improve your listings and move the buyer down the funnel more effectively. You can also increase impressions via promoted listings.


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