Understanding your listing's performance

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Before we dive into why your listing is not selling well, let’s take a step back and check if there is a demand for your product. If a product has no buyer interest, then we can expect low or no sales from that listing.

Price competitiveness is also an important factor towards your listing’s performance. If your competitor is selling the same item for a much cheaper price,  it is highly likely buyers would not buy from you.

Seller Hub : Performance

Now, assuming you understand the demand on eBay, let’s look into the metrics.

Go to Seller Hub > Performance

This report will help you understand the necessary changes you’ll need to make to keep your product moving down the funnel.

These are the important metrics you will find on the Performance tab:

  • Your Seller Level
  • Sales
  • Traffic
  • Service metrics

This tutorial will focus on Sales and Traffic. Keep reading to learn more.

Go to https://www.ebay.com/sh/performance/sales (if you are selling on the US site)

The Sales tab is for you to look back at your sales history at any given timeframe. It will also give you some sales insights, such as: top selling item, by category, breakdown of selling costs and more.

You can also download the data as a spreadsheet for further analysis. With this data you can make the necessary improvements.

By Category
Sales Trend


The Traffic tab is for you to understand your listing’s performance. It is crucial to know which product is moving down the funnel and what you could tweak to increase sales.

Page Views
Quantity Sold


Here are a few things you can find:

  • Impression, View, Sold of each product
  • See the effectiveness of promoted listings
  • See if the traffic is coming from external sites
  • Know which product has the most Impression/View/Sold


How can you use this information to your advantage?

Here are some points for you to consider:

  • If product has a low impression – Check your keywords and category. The buyer might be having a hard time searching for it due to incorrect spelling or item category. The item could also be in low demand.
  • If product has a high impression, but low views – Listing main image is not attractive or the price is too high.
  • If product has high views, but a low sold – Listing image and price is attractive enough, but there may be a factor that is making the buyer change their mind. Such as, it is not what they expected, product offering is not what they are looking for or even high shipping fees.

In this page, you will also be able to see each listing’s performance. Go ahead and click on “Download active listings traffic report“. You will be able to view each listing’s performance in more detail.

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