Listing best practices

eBay is the ultimate destination for selling luxury watches online. Show up in the right search results by crafting effective titles, adding as many item specifics as possible, and uploading high-quality photos that highlight the unique details of your watches.

  • Average time to sell – The range can be very wide. Among transacted listings in 2022, the median time taken from listing creation to sale is 13 days. 
  • Buyer Country – Buyers from US are the primary customers, contributing over 90% business, followed by Canada, UK and Australia
  • Listing Type – Sold LWs are mainly by GTC, rather than Auction. The ratio is 9:1.
  • Item Condition – Buyers are generally more attracted to pre-owned LWs. The ratio is 8:2.
  • Price Range – the dominant price band for each brand varies. Higher sales velocity observed in lower price bands
Price Range

Your listing titles largely determine the search results your listings will appear in, and they are one of the first things buyers see when your listings surface on eBay. To maximise your visibility and attract the right buyers, develop your listing titles strategically. 

A general formula to follow when drafting listing titles for luxury watches is:

Maker + Model + Gender + Attributes (colour, strap material) + Accessories (box, papers) + Model Number

Here are a few examples of strong listing titles:

  • OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph Men’s Black Watch – 3570.50.00
  • Cartier Tank Francaise Steel Silver Roman Dial Quartz Women’s Midsize Watch – W51011Q3
  • Patek Philippe Nautilus Stainless Steel Men’s Watch w/Box and Papers – 5711/1A-011

Your listing photos will help buyers get to know your watch’s condition and unique features. Use your listing photos to instil confidence in the quality of your watch, leaving no potential buyer questions unanswered.

Photos best practices
  • Include at least 3 and up to 12 photos, making sure to capture your watch from the front, back and sides. Include close-ups of the dial and bezel and be sure to photograph the point where the watch connects with the bracelet or strap.
  • Your first photo or gallery photo should feature your item on a solid white background. This is key to appearing on Google Shopping.
  • Use close-ups to capture any unique features or imperfections such as scratches.
  • Remove the back of the watch to take detailed photos of the watch’s movement.
  • Use any remaining photos to feature the watch alongside any papers, boxes, warranty or other elements relevant to your listing.
  • The longest side of your photos should be 800 to 1400 pixels long so buyers can zoom in for details.



In your watch description, include as many details as possible about the watch’s condition and history, detailing all wear and tear. Include item details such as case metal, movement, serial number series, case size, wrist size, and weight. Finally, be sure to list all inclusions, such as any included box or papers.

Item description best practices

Item specifics are a critical part of any successful listing. When you enter item specifics, you increase your likelihood of appearing high – and accurately – in buyers’ search results. Buyers can customise their search through the navigation bar, left of the SRP.

When you list luxury watches, eBay will require and recommend item specifics to help your listing appear in more relevant searches. Be sure to add as many of these item specifics as possible to surface your listings to the right buyers. On average, successful listings add at least 25 fields.

View the Rolex Submariner Date listing below for an example of the item specifics for watches.

Item specifics best practices


Item specifics sample

Buying a luxury watch usually comes with a high level of consideration. Offer your buyers return options to increase their confidence in their purchase with you. The more flexible you can be with your return policy, the more confident buyers will feel.

Shoppers are increasingly browsing and buying from their mobile devices.  Learn how to optimise your listings for mobile shopping and help drive more sales.

Optimise for mobile
  • Upload high-resolution photos on white backgrounds to catch buyers’ eyes.
  • Make your description to-the-point. Mobile buyers will only see the first 250 characters of your description by default, so make sure to include the most important information within the first 250 characters.
  • List in the right Category (wristwatches 31387) – Being in the right category boost your item ranking significantly
  • Photos speak a thousand words – Include at least 6 photos on products and packaging
  • Allow Best Offer – 20% sales happened with Best offer. Best offer allows buyers to offer the price they would pay for the listing.
  • Add at least 25 item specifics – let buyers see your product



Offers to buyers

Target buyers who are considering your watches by using the Offers to Buyers tool in Seller Hub. Improve conversion and drive sales by sending offers to buyers who:

  • Are watching your item
  • Have placed your item in their shopping cart but haven’t checked out within two days

You can also save time by using the automation feature to continuously send offers to new and existing buyers. You can set this option in the Send Offer flow with a simple toggle. If you decide to stop your Offers to Buyers campaign, you will be able to do so on your manage offers page.

Learn more here.

Find the Offer to Buyers tool in your Seller Hub.

  1. Under quick filters click “Send offers-eligible”.
Send offers-eligible


2. Select the listing you’d like to make an offer on.

Select the listing


3. Enter your offer price, check the boxes next to “Allow counter offers” or “Automatically send offers” if applicable, then click “Send offers”.

Note: For store sellers, you will also have the option to send a store coupon with the offer. Buyers will receive the coupon if the offer expires.

Send offers


4. Your buyer will receive an offer message similar to this.

Message sent to buyer

Shipping and Handling

Meeting customer expectations after a sale is just as important as creating accurate, compelling listings. Use these shipping and handling tips to deliver the ultimate customer experience. 

Handling time: Buyers today expect same- or 1-day handling time. If you can reliably meet this standard, offer this handling time in your listings.

Shipping options: Where possible, offer free shipping to incentivize buyers. Factor estimated shipping costs into your pricing to maintain your profit margin. 

Global shipping: If you choose to ship internationally, research any restrictions on imported items to make sure you meet each country’s requirements.

Help prevent damage to your items during shipping and protect your business from dissatisfied customers and costly returns by packaging your items in protective materials. 

In the event that an item is damaged in transit and you make a claim with your carrier, the carrier might inspect your packaging to ensure it adhered to their guidelines. Sealing your item in new corrugated cardboard and using the appropriate packing materials to avoid damage during transit will increase the likelihood that your claim will be paid.

Here are a few packing best practices to protect your item during shipping: 

Corrugated cardboard

Ship your watches in new, high-quality corrugated cardboard. Choose a box that is just large enough to fit your item, plus two to four inches of space for cushioning. Any larger and you risk the item being jostled and possibly breaking or bending in transit.


Use cushioning that doesn’t shift, like bubble wrap or air pillows.


Protect your items and ensure safe delivery by sealing all openings of your packaging with new tape.

We recommend that cross border sellers use Express /Expedited Shipping. With this premium shipping service, you will have detailed end to end tracking and also a shorter total shipping duration (usually within 5 days).

For high-value watches, purchase additional insurance coverage. Though you may be able to make a claim with your shipping carrier in the event of damage, you as a seller are liable to compensate your buyer for damaged items. If your watch is damaged in transit, insurance can come in handy for refunding your buyer.

Tip: Contact your preferred logistics provider to get the necessary insurance coverage for your shipment.

Customer service & Business best practices

Offering great customer service is essential in building a long and trusting relationship with your buyers. Alongside this are several business best practices that eBay encourages to keep our people safe. Learn about all these and more ways to improve your business below.

Buyers are more likely to leave positive feedback and purchase from you again if you offer an exceptional customer experience. This will also help you maintain Above or Top Rated status, which brings valuable benefits like reduced fees and greater listing visibility to further improve your profits.

General tips for providing stellar customer service:

Set the right expectations

Set the right expectations for buyers with your listing titles, photos, and descriptions. They should describe your items accurately and completely, noting any defects and proactively addressing questions buyers might have. 

Additionally, your shipping and return policies should be specific and clear. Make sure to set handling and shipping times you can realistically meet to maintain seller trust.

Send timely communications

Customers today expect prompt responses from retailers. Let your buyers know they are important to you by communicating positively, proactively, and in a timely manner. 

Set an established time each day for reading and responding to buyer questions. This helps build confidence among potential buyers before a sale, creates an open space for addressing questions or issues, and prevents unnecessary returns.

Create a memorable experience

Details matter. To stand out from the competition, consider adding special touches to create memorable customer experiences such as thank-you cards.

Follow eBay’s rules and policies to run your business smoothly. 

Here are a few simple practices to help keep our community safe and marketplace strong.:

  • Always confirm payment on eBay prior to shipping. 
  • Do not give out personal information, like your email address.
  • If you suspect a buyer is making a false claim, misusing the system, or committing a crime, eBay is here to support you. Learn more about reporting buyers.

Build a consistent habit of researching competitors and experimenting with your listings.  

Use Terapeak research in Seller Hub to review competitive listings in your category, recently sold items, and competitors’ stores. You should also regularly review your reports, available in Seller Hub, to assess which of your strategies are doing well and where you might want to make changes.

This will only take a few hours a week, but it will give you insights into whether you are pricing competitively and selling items with sufficient consumer demand. If you have an eBay Store subscription, experiment with different promotions to see which discounts, offers, and pricing lead to more sales. If you don’t have a Store subscription, you can adjust your pricing by small increments and tweak your listing titles to learn what drives higher traffic and sales conversion.

Here are the specific eBay tools to help you assess your listing performance and conduct competitor research: 

  • Terapeak for competitive research and pricing information.
  • Traffic report for assessing how successful your listings are at converting browsers into buyers.
  • Listing Quality report for listing- and category-level recommendations on boosting listing views and sales.
  • Sales report for assessing your overall sales progress each month.
  • Promoted Listings for advertising to stand out in a crowded product space.
  • Promotions for incentivising buyers to conversion.
  • Include maker, model, and gender in your listing titles to appear in relevant buyer searches.
  • Include photos of your watch from multiple angles, including close-ups of the dial, bezel, and movement. 
  • Include as many details as possible about the watch’s condition and history in your listing description.
  • Offer returns to build buyer confidence.

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