Take your first step towards global selling with eBay

Making the shift to online selling need not be a daunting process thanks to a step-by-step approach with eBay.

Why expand online?

easy access

In today’s competitive and convenience focused society, online expansion is a priority, not an option. To stay relevant, your customers need to reach you easily.

Reaching customers

Why be confined to a local market? Expanding online means attracting customers worldwide in a 24/7 marketplace.

Better promotion for the
traditional business

Moving your business online does not mean shutting down your physical store. It simply leads to increased visibility in this competitive market.

customer experience

Keeping in touch with customers and receiving feedback is much easier online. Delivering excellent customer support will attract more clients in time.

Sell more and command higher prices when you reach an international audience. Here are 3 ways international buyers can see your listings:

*Currently only available in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Insertion Fee

This is a fee charged with every listing. US$0.35 per listing, free for the first 200 listings.

Final Value Fee

This is a percentage of your sales. About 10% of the total item and shipping prices.

International Fees

The International fee for Sellers with an eBay registered address in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia or Vietnam is 1.3%.
Tip: Subscribe to a store package to achieve greater cost savings!

Why choose global selling on eBay?

Sell in top categories

Sell right from your phone

Seller protection by eBay

Channel partners

Sell in top categories

Wondering what to sell online? eBay provides the most up-to-date insights on top-selling items so you can cash in on the latest global purchasing trends. Current trending categories and products include:

Sell right from your phone

The eBay app is now more powerful than ever before. These are just some of the ways you can use it to sell while on the go:

Seller protection by eBay

eBay is a safe and vibrant community for buyers and sellers alike. You can sell with confidence because our dedicated seller protection team is there to enforce policies and track problems before they start. Here’s how we protect the community:

Channel partners

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